Day 1 Challenge Resources

Today’s challenge is for a travel company that wants to send a promotional email to its subscribers about a new holiday package. The company wants to display the recipient’s first name in the email and ensure that it is properly capitalized.

If this is your first introduction to AMPscript, make sure to spend some time familiarizing yourself with its syntax and learning best practices for creating clean AMPscript code.

Looking for a sample dataset to test your AMPscript code for today’s challenge? Check out the sample below and download the .csv file from here.

Download CSV
Firstname Lastname Email
JOHN Smith
Jane Doe
bRiAn Johnson
Mary Wilson
aLeX Brown

Your final AMPscript email should look like this, assuming you used one of the provided sample records. Please check tomorrow’s email for the solution to the Day 1 challenge.

Hello Brian,

We are excited to announce our new holiday package that is perfect for a getaway. With stunning beaches and breathtaking views, this package will make your vacation unforgettable.

Thank you for choosing us as your travel partner.

Best regards,
The Travel Company 

Crafted with 💜 by AMPscript30.
AMPScripted Smiles Ltd.
456 Data Extension Drive Suite 321, Loop City, 
Variable Valley, DE 12345

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