Day 13 Challenge Resources

A cosmetic company is launching a new product line and wants to run a promotional campaign. The first 50 users who register on the website will receive a special promo code. The loyalty team will provide these 50 codes. A marketer needs to create an autoresponder email that includes a promo code for the first 50 users. Once all 50 promo codes have been claimed, the email should display a default promo code of “WELCOME15.”

Here are two data extensions for today’s challenge. The Promo_Codes data extension has unique characteristics, so please make sure to check the documentation before creating it. Subscribers, Promo_Codes

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Email FirstName LastName James Bond Tony Stark Ellen Ripley Indiana Jones Harry Potter
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In this challenge, every time you preview the email, the ClaimRowValue function will execute and consume one of the available promo codes. If you have tried the code with one of the provided promo codes, the email should render as follows.


Thank you for your interest to our new product line! Here's your special promo code for your next purchase: PJ7CZ.

Best regards,
The Next Beauty

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