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An internet service provider wants to send a confirmation email to customers after they place an order. The email should contain details of the services purchased, including the service name, description, image, price and quantity. The company stores orders in one data extension and the catalog of services in a separate data extension.

Today’s challenge, like the previous one, also leverages process loops. It’s important to name fields properly in order to successfully connect the data extensions. Orders, Order Details

Download CSV
SubscriberKey Email FirstName LastName OrderId
9083 James Bond 28745
5367 Tony Stark 43656
2961 Ellen Ripley 43846
8753 Indiana Jones 51654
Download CSV
OrderId ProductName ProductDesc ProductQty ProductImg ProductPrice
28745 Internet Gigabit Fibe 1 Package 1 # 200
28745 Smart Home Best Package 1 # 49
51654 Interet Fibe 500 Package 2 # 50
51654 TV Select TV Package 1 # 170
43656 Internet Gigabit Fibe 1 Package 1 # 200

Stay tuned for updates on our email templates in the coming weeks. For now, we will use our classic template for this challenge as well.

Hi James Bond,

Thanks for your order! Good things are coming your way

Internet: Gigabit Fibe 1 Package - 1 at $200
Smart Home: Best Package - 1 at $49

If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at

Best regards,
Next Telecom

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