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A library just started using Marketing Cloud and wants to send an email to confirm every time someone borrows a book. The email should show the last three books that the same person didn’t return. A marketer gathers data in two places: Transactions and Transaction_History. Transactions has information about subscribers, as well as the last time and ID of the transaction. Transaction_History has all the details about the transaction, including the name of the book and if it was returned.

Today’s challenge involves multiple process loops. To avoid confusion while working on the code, it is important to use proper variable names. Transactions, Transaction History

Download CSV
SubscriberKey Email FirstName LastName LastTransactionId LastTransactionDate
9083 James Bond 115463 2023-04-26
5367 Tony Stark 109762 2023-04-21
Download CSV
TransactionId SubscriberKey TransactionDate BookName Status
115463 9083 2023-04-26 Simply Lies Check-in
115323 9083 2023-04-24 It Ends With Us Waiting
115231 9083 2023-04-21 Spare Waiting
109762 5367 2023-04-21 Worthy Opponents Check-in

We will keep this preview simple, but stay tuned as we update our templates.

Hi James Bond,

This is the confirmation for the books you borrowed today:
- Simply Lies

Here are the books you borrowed before.
- It Ends With Us
- Spare

Best regards,
Next Library

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