Day 19 Challenge Resources

A travel company sends a monthly newsletter to its subscribers. Depending on the loyalty level, the company wants to display a custom image banner. The marketing team does not want to change email templates and would like to leverage content blocks in Marketing Cloud.

In order to preview the email, you’ll need some sample images. No worries, I’ve got you covered! I’ve uploaded some sample images for you here: Diamond Badge, Platinum Badge, Gold Badge, Bronze Badge.

Download CSV
SubscriberKey Email FirstName LastName LoyaltyLevel LoyaltyPoints
9083 James Bond Gold 5390
5367 Tony Stark Bronze 4800
2961 Ellen Ripley Gold 7100
8753 Indiana Jones Gold 6200
5619 Harry Potter Platnium 13400

You can use any image you like for this challenge. If you used any of the images I provided, your email will look like the example below.

Hello Marty McFly,

We wanted to remind you that you have accumulated 24000 travel credits on your account that can be used for your next trip. We encourage you to take advantage of this benefit and redeem your travel credits for your next adventure.

Thank you for choosing our travel company for your travel needs. We look forward to helping you plan your next trip. 

Best regards,
Next Travel 

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