Day 2 Challenge Resources

Today’s challenge was to send a renewal reminder email to members of a health club who are due for renewal in 30 days. The email should include the member’s full name and the date their membership will expire, formatted as MMMM dd, yyyy.

The following dataset includes subscriber data, as well as renewal dates in yyyy-mm-dd format. You can download .csv file from here.

Download CSV
Email FirstName LastName RenewalDate John Doe 2023-04-20 Jane Smith 2023-04-30 Michael Jones 2023-05-15 Emily Davis 2023-05-28 Sarah Wilson 2023-06-03

If you have used the sample dataset provided, your final email preview should look like the following. I will be sharing the solution for today’s challenge tomorrow.

Hello Jane Smith,

We hope you are enjoying your membership at our health club. We wanted to remind you that your membership will expire on April 30, 2023.

Do not let your membership expire! Renew today and continue to take advantage of all the benefits our health club has to offer.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Best regards,
The Health Club

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