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For the next challenges, we will integrate the existing challenges with Marketing Cloud pages. In the Day 14 challenge, a media company needed to send an email to its subscribers every six months to confirm their interest in receiving emails. A marketer had to set up code in the email to automatically update a separate data extension and record when the newsletter reconfirmation email was sent. Now, the team also wants subscribers to explicitly opt-in by clicking a confirmation link on the landing page and record the confirmation date in the data extension.

We will be using the same data set from the Day 14 challenge but with a small change. A new column called “ConfirmationDate” will be added to capture the date when a subscriber clicks the Confirm Subscription button on the page.

Download CSV
SubscriberKey Email FirstName LastName SendDate ConfirmationDate
9083 James Bond 2023-04-12 2023-04-18
5367 Tony Stark 2023-04-03
2961 Ellen Ripley 2023-03-08
8753 Indiana Jones 2023-03-11

For this preview, I added a screenshot of the landing page. When a user clicks the Confirm Subscription button, a “Thank you” message should appear saying “Thank you! Your information has been updated.”

Subscription Preferences
There is only one more thing to do: click the confirmation button below to continue receiving emails from us.

Thank you! Your information has been updated.

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