Day 23 Challenge Resources

An auto shop sends emails to customers every six months, recommending services based on their car’s mileage at the time of the last service. The marketer has been tasked with creating a simple appointment booking solution for customers to book their next car service. The solution will retrieve available dates from a separate data extension and present them to customers for booking.

Before we start, it’s important to know that CloudPage might not be the best choice if you need a complicated booking system that works with many other systems. However, today‚Äôs challenge shows how to make a basic appointment booking system with AMPscript. We’ll need to create a data extension to store dates that are available. You can get the example data here: Appointments

Download CSV
AppointmentDate AppointmentStatus Email
2023-05-12 1:00:00PM Available
2023-06-04 11:30:00AM Available
2023-05-10 3:10:00PM Available

Here is a preview of the landing page when a booking date is available, as well as the email preview.

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