Day 27 Challenge Resources


NextDesign is an interior design company specializing in custom homes and commercial buildings. They plan to send an NPS survey to clients after completing a project to measure their satisfaction level with their services. A marketer has been tasked with creating an email that includes an NPS rating and directs customers to a landing page to provide feedback.

Instructions and Resources

To complete the NPS survey challenge, you will need two data extensions. You can use the subscriber data extension from previous challenges to preview the email, as long as it has a subscriber key. To capture survey responses, create a new Survey data extension. I recommend including at least three fields: SubscriberKey, NPS, and Feedback.

Download CSV
SubscriberKey NPS Feedback
9083 2
5367 5 You have great services.

For the landing page, you need to include two conditions. If a user rates from 1 to 8, the form title should say “We’re sorry that we couldn’t delight you. What could we have done differently to improve your experience?” Otherwise, it should say “We’re happy to know that you are satisfied with NextDesign! What specifically did you like about your experience?”

Depending on your template, your email or landing page may look different. In the following email example, I listed survey questions on separate lines.

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