Day 3 Challenge Resources

For Day 3 challenge, a marketer at an online artisanal store wants to send a personalized promotional email to its customers based on their location. The offer should include free shipping to customers who live in the same city as the warehouse, and a discount code to customers who live in other cities.

To make it easier, I have generated a sample dataset that you can download here and use to test your AMPscript.

Download CSV
Email FirstName LastName City John Doe New York Jane Doe Los Angeles Jim Smith Halifax Sara Johnson Houston Mike Brown Miami

If you test your AMPscript with one of the sample records provided, your email may look like the following example.

Dear valued customer,

We are excited to offer you a special deal on our products. Today only, you can receive the following offer: Free shipping on all local orders in Halifax!

Best regards,
The Company

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