Day 9 Challenge Resources

A fashion store wants to send an email to its subscribers offering a chance to win a discount on their next purchase. The discount amount will be randomly generated and can range from 10% to 50%. The email should include the subscriber’s name and the discount amount they could win.

Bonus You are also tasked with recording each subscriber and their respective discount code in a separate data extension.

Having a sample dataset can be useful when previewing your emails. I’ve created one here for you to test your AMPscript code.

Download CSV
Email FirstName LastName John Doe Jane Smith Sara Wilson Mike Brown Emily Jones

If you tried out your AMPscript code with one of the examples I provided, your email might end up looking something like this 👇

Hello Jessica Baker,

Are you ready for some shopping? Today, we are offering our subscribers a special discount on their next purchase.

Your discount is: 42%

Do not miss this opportunity and use it now.

Best regards,
The Fashion Store

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